Great Year!

It has been one crazy year this year. Ups, downs and many turn arounds and has been one fun adventure. I am seriously glad I have gotten back into making YouTube videos, its going very well and i’m certainly very pleased. You lot are some amazing fans!

I just wanted to wish everybody a happy new year, may the force be with you… 😉


Be Thankful

Winter is arriving rapidly… As a summer full of fun and adventure comes to an end, we should take time to thank the people around us for such a wonderful chance to do some amazing things, this summer. Weather it’s your parents, family, friends or even yourself that funded for this years summer, go ahead and thank them or yourself once again for a great experience!

I had the chance to go to an amazing camp this summer and meet tones of inspiring people that will stay close to my heart. This camp has changed my life and the way I see things for ever. It was truly a life changing experience. Im so very grateful that I had the chance to go to camp, it’s a privilege, an honour, since not many people can afford to go to some camps such as the one I went to.

Everything that we do changes us in many different ways and we don’t even realise. Everyday we learn new things, meet new people and our knowledge grows even further than ever before…


Let’s Start All Over Again

Hey guys, I’m Josh. I live in Monaco, a city located in the South of France. Now not many people know much about Monaco since it is one of the smallest countries in the world! However, it truly is one of the most spectacular looking cities in the world. Go search it up on Google real quick if you don’t believe me!

So, I’m pretty new to this “blogging” thing, however, I thought that I would finally give it a go. To be entirely honest with you I’ve never really written a blog in my entire life, so your going to have to bare with me a little… The main reason I have decided to start writing this blog is because I run a Youtube channel, called Josh Weekly, and I think that this could be another interesting and amusing way to interact with all you amazing subscribers and viewers!

Maybe you are wondering why the title of this blog is “Let’s Start All Over Again.” The reason for that is because other than my current Youtube channel Josh Weekly, I used to run another channel called “King Joshie,” now don’t even think on asking how I came up with that name. However it never really took off and it was made simply to mess around with and have fun! Thats the reason the title is what it is… Im starting all over again with a new channel, although this time I’m 10 times more serious, I’m going to try to be as professional as possible and of course going to have heaps of fun!

Even though this is my first blog I do hope I didn’t bore you too much and you enjoyed this little introduction! Be sure to check out my Youtube channel Josh Weekly if you haven’t already! See you all next time!